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My purpose for the past thirty years has been, “to help create joy, harmony, and beauty through relationships”.


Patrick J O’Brien

I have pursued this purpose by practicing the art and science of organizational development, as well as by working as a facilitative leader, first in my own business ventures, and then in all sectors private, public, and nonprofit.  I have developed my skills as a coach to leaders and as a facilitator of leadership teams.  My greatest skill is active listening, which when applied, opens the way to creative and collaborative communication.  With creative communication as a commitment, as well as the tools to help leaders in creating alignment behind a vision, my career has been very rewarding.
By claiming my own authentic voice I can support others in claiming theirs, and have a great appreciation for the learning I am afforded from my interaction with clients.  Learning organizations are a key to our thriving as a culture, and it is through our participation in each others development that we are best able to learn and create organizations that support our collective well being.   Supporting this type of positive change in organizations and communities is my intention and my capability.  My capacity to achieve this goal has been proven in many large and small ways.  I invite your inquiry with this list of past and present clients to hear testimonials to my ability to contribute.

Partial list of Present clients:

  • Lake County Human Services Dennis Henkel E.D. 218-834-8415
  • Duluth YMCA Jeff Palmer E.D.218-722-4745
  • Fullerton Lumber Companies Jeff Howe C.E.O. 952-736-6026
  • Cooks of Crocus Hill Karl Benson C.E.O. 651-329-2203

Partial list of Past clients:
Contacts will be supplied upon request for past clients.

  • The Search Institute, Minneapolis Mn
  • Community Design Center, St. Paul Mn
  • General Mills, Wayzata Mn
  • Superior High School, Superior Wisconsin
  • Recreational Equipment Inc., Bloomington Mn
  • City of Minneapolis Zoning and Planning Department
  • City of St. Paul Mayors office.
  • Planned Parenthood , St. Paul Mn
  • Department of Education, State of Minnesota
  • Metropolitan Waste Control Commission, St. Paul Mn
  • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis / St. Paul
  • McKnight Foundation, Minneapolis Mn


My purpose: I listen and look to unravel suffering and create well-being.


Carl Blanz

I have a passion for working with leaders, managers and teams. I have spent over 30 years in the hospitality industry as a chef and an executive working in sales and marketing, operations, and national and regional oversight. Most of my career was spent as a “command and control” manager.

Somewhere in my career, I began to see that the command and control method was not very effective, and it left me feeling unsatisfied as a manager. I began to dedicate myself to learning how to be a better leader.

After some success, I began to see that the key to having a well-run organization and a good life as a leader is the development of leadership within the organization. What I saw was that the command and control style actually fostered disengagement in others. With this new understanding, my vision of creating well-being for all of the individuals in an organization was starting to emerge.

With the guidance of William Stockton, developer of the Mobius Model communications tool, I began forming my own interpretation of facilitative leadership. It is a very effective way for any leader to engage people at all levels in organizations in order to create intentional cultures and visions for change. It gives me and other leaders an exciting way to create higher levels of well-being in our organizations.

I consider 2011, the year that I began the practice of organizational development. Since then, I have been supporting leaders and teams as an individual consultant and as an associate at Growing Edge Facilitation.

Patrick and I have had a great time working with a great variety of organizations, developing and supporting leaders while sharing the practice of creating well-being with them. Part of our success is the sheer fun of working together in the service of personal and professional development. As evidence of this, we have been known to stay up late and play music together after a 13 hour day of working together. This is a true sign of living in your passion and joy.

My purpose is “To inspire positive change”.


Dr. Jeff Howe, Ph.D.

Jeff is an expert on creating Learning Organizations and on implementing organizational change. He has over 20 years of successful hands-on leadership experience in industry, including time as CEO and President of several companies. Organizations under Jeff’s guidance have received awards such as MN Handicapped employer of the year, WI Environmental Company of the year and as a Midwest finalist in the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award based on the company’s unique team culture.

He brings both theory and practice to strategic business discussions. Jeff is involved with a number of “For Benefit” Boards and is the founder and Chairman of Dovetail Partners, an internationally recognized not-for-profit organization considered the premier “think tank” focused on developing creative solutions to topical strategic issues critical to the Natural Resources sector. Jeff is a very popular speaker on issues ranging from Green marketing to the development of LEAN culture.  He has authored numerous articles on planning, marketing, vision, conflict resolution, and culture development.  Jeff received his B.S. degree from Bates College, an M.S. degree from the University of Maine, and a PhD from the University of Minnesota.

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