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Creative Leadership

Creative leadership is about teaching leaders to work within a team, not to rule over one. (more…)

Coaching & Mentoring

The old adage “great leaders are born, not made” is simply not true.  We know this from over 30 years of working with people in leadership positions.  Great leadership is the sum of our experiences, skills, education, training, and development. (more…)

Visioning & Planning

“If you don’t know where you’re going then any path will get you there!”
– Eric Bloomquist

In order to move your business and personal life forward with conviction and confidence, it is necessary to have a sound vision, values and plan. (more…)

Creative Leadership

Creative leadership is about teaching leaders to work within a team, not to rule over one.  It is about finding and playing on strengths, not focusing on a teams weaknesses.  Not only that, creative leaders are able to find, develop and inspire the team that works best to accomplish the goals of the organization.
Creative Leadership is about a “people-centric” leadership model, focused on:

  • Hiring the right people
  • Having diverse points of view on the team
  • Creating a safe environment to take risks and fail
  • Having facilitative leadership skills to maximize team effectiveness
  • Ability to create a compelling invitation for people to engage
  • Ability to identify individual skills and ability needed by the team…and to attract them
  • Willingness to step outside the box and try things that you haven’t done before
  • Ability to attract and relate to a diverse group of team members
  • Ability to recognize conflict and to access it as a source of creativity
  • Ability to direct people whose skills and interests vary widely from your own
  • Ability to recognize your own weaknesses and supplement them with the skills of others
  • Ability to motivate and develop others

Team Building

Not all teams are created equal!! That is exactly why we assess the specific needs of your team.  There are many activities done in the name of “team” and a lot of money invested in what are described as “team building” activities.  There is a time and place for each of these. (more…)


The art and skill of facilitation is to insure the perspectives, skills, experiences, ideas, and abilities of each and every participant are accessed and incorporated appropriately into collaborative solutions. (more…)

Conflict Resolution

Conflict takes on a wide range of forms, from simple difference in opinion or perspective to direct and indirect confrontation. Having a common understanding of others and ourselves in how we approach conflict, along with a common language within the organization, (more…)