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For Benefit Business

The new emerging model for business that is showing up all around us now has a name.  What used to be a rare example of social responsibility, the “for benefit” organization falls somewhere between the for-profit and non-profit sectors, bringing together the desire to make a living with the ideals of doing good.

Vermont and Maryland became the first states to begin the movement of a new legal status for the “B corporations”, which in effect gives corporations a legal obligation to their mission, employees, local community, etc. before having to satisfy the mission of profit for the shareholders. What this points to is extremely important:  that values, vision, motivation, higher goals and planning all play a part in the success of a business.  It is for these reasons that Growing Edge Facilitation feels that it is more important than ever to develop great leaders, sound vision, high performance teams, and whole systems thinking as we move forward into the exciting realm of business for benefit.   We have the experience and desire to work with your company whether it is working for the greater good, or wants to move in that direction.