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Growing Edge supports seasoned and emerging leaders through one on one coaching, team coaching, and full assessments of organizations.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching used to only be for executives, but not anymore.
We make individual coaching accessible to all levels of management. This type of coaching fosters a deeper level of reflection along with dedicated time and attention for an individual. Most of our work centers on leadership development through Individual Coaching. 

Individul Coaching


Team coaching is all about getting everyone on a team involved and on the same page about development. With this type of coaching, teams will learn to use a shared language and draw on similar techniques to talk through problem solving and overall processes. Team Coaching ensures that there are many people within an organization who have the tools to help a business thrive and hold each other accountable to success. Many of the organizations we work with decide to incorporate Team Coaching into their practice with Growing Edge.

Our Leadership Tune Up is a program designed specifically for teams who have room for growth in the areas of effective meeting management, emotional intelligence development, communication, accountability and overall team development. 

Team Coaching


We believe in the importance of dedicated time and focused energy. That’s why we also offer facilitation for retreats and other meetings. If you’re looking for an assessment, a partnering conversation, visioning, creative planning and design, or conflict resolution, facilitation is called for. We hold the container for your conversation so that you and other participants can focus solely on the conversation itself. 

Our coaches have a breadth of experience in all sorts of coaching and business development. Send us an email to learn more about how we can help your organization through Conflict Resolution, Assessments, and Retreat Facilitation. 

Facilitation Retreats

You don’t develop an organization 
You develop the people in it.


Within each working environment, there are many different types of cultures. A successful and healthy organization is the result of a CULTURE OF COMMITMENT, or a common belief and commitment to the same outcome. When it comes down to it, SHARED LEADERSHIP is the best way to get there. In order to have successful and collaborative leadership, each member must have a sense of focus and PERSONAL MASTERY – the ability to show up as your most grateful, peaceful, compassionate and happy self in any situation, any time.

These days,
management is outgrowing the idea of supervision for compliance. Instead, management is about the accountability that self-organizing teams and committed workgroups can provide one another and their organization. A sense of commitment is generated by those who see themselves part of a consistently articulated vision. Soon, the complex act of leadership becomes shared – this is how an organization moves toward growth and further opportunity.

Coaching Philosophy

Typically, we like to work with organizations throughout a one year period. Part of this timeframe is dedicated to meetings focused on understanding the organization’s needs and desires, developing leaders and team members, and working through Building Confidence. This year-long period also includes ongoing support and developing skills around accountability. At the same time, we recognize that different organizations have different needs and timelines; we’re happy to adjust as needed. 


When working with Growing Edge, the financial investment reflects the needs of your organization.
We work with you to determine what kind of coaching will work best for you and your team and your finances.

So, how do you know if this is the right program for you and your organization?
At Growing Edge, we work best with fol
ks who are interested in digging deeper and have a willingness to look inward.

You may be thinking “but I don’t know what I don’t know” and we understand - we’re here to walk you through the process. Within Growing Edge, our team focuses on a holistic method that values quality of life and human-focused work. Organizations that share these values find our approaches to be impactful and effective in the long term.

While our work is closely related to that of Human Resources, we are not human resource professionals. We can’t offer legal advice or speak to HR law. What we can do is help you develop an effective human resources team or department for your organization and help with legal and compliance resources. 

Not sure what you need? Reach out and we'll figure it out together, step by step. 

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