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Supervising for compliance is evolving out of management and leadership responsibilities and is being replaced by the accountability that self-organizing teams and committed workgroups can provide one another and their organizations.

Deliberate development is the conscious choice to be on a path towards health and happiness. 

When a leadership team decides to commit to a set of values that guide the organization's vision and decision making, they are making a commitment to determining how it feels to be in this organization.

about us

Coaching is an effective way to provide support and accountability to leaders.

At Growing Edge Facilitation, we emphasize that “A happy leader is a better leader.”


That all who accept the responsibility of leading have access to knowledge and tools for development.


To support all who accept the responsibility to lead by offering the tools needed for leading effectively, and guiding the practices for personal development.


 How we want to be in it together


  • Pay attention to what has heart and meaning

  • Open to possibilities, not attached to one outcome

  • Speak the truth without blame or judgement

  • Show up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • Conflict is a source of creativity


support us living into our values


  • Gratitude - An intentional state of wonderment and appreciation for what we have

  • Compassion - for self and others

  • Persistence - willingness to stay in it, even when it’s hard

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