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Invitation to Next Level Leadership

Greetings from Growing Edge!          

 If you are worn down by trying to change your mindset and that of others, there is a different, energy-giving place to lead from – your heart.

The level of complexity and never before seen challenges to leaders and managers post-covid is a wake up call for more heart in organizations. This is a direct response to the ever-changing world we find ourselves in.

We humans are facing a new landscape, hybrid working environments, a reclaiming of our personal lives, new opportunities and competition for valuable employees who would like to commit to something bigger than themselves.

We’re all looking for a place to belong, and in the face of the old ways, are afraid we won’t find it. This in between-ness is an indication that something new needs to be created. 

Growing Edge is part of the movement to discover the next level of work life. 

The Growing Edge Coaching Cohort 101 weaves together tools for a better understanding of self and others, an emphasis on our interrelatedness and practices that support physical, emotional, professional and spiritual growth. 

Attendees will be connected with other leaders to enhance the learning and provide a new level of support for the emerging coach in you. As well, participants will be able to bring back to their team actionable tools, processes and insights that can be implemented immediately.

 Workshop Features:

  •  Build relationships with other leaders

  • Feel supported in taking risks around making change

  • Develop and practice coaching skills

  • Enhance creativity through collaboration

  • Work on live challenges in the course

  • Begin experimenting with the learning immediately

  • Access to online tools for sharing and guiding leadership experiments

Core Workshop Subjects:

1.    Emotional Intelligence, personal mastery in self and relationships    

2.    Observer Model, a practice for centering

3.    Four Fold Way, ancient wisdom for community

4.    Hierarchy of Competence & Situational Leadership

5.    Reimagining Accountability and Feedback

6.   Introductory practices for optimal health


The cohort will meet every-other week beginning in January and ending in March. We are limiting each cohort size to 8 people, specific times and dates will become available after you are enrolled. Your leaders will be in a learning cohort with leaders from other organizations.

For those who can come to Minneapolis, the sessions will take place at the Growing Edge office, there will be an on-line offering for those who cannot come to Minneapolis. We’re also looking for other locations, based on the number of participants in a specific geographic location, if you would like to host a cohort, please let us know.

Participants’ Commitment:

Participants will be asked to make a commitment to the following:

  •  Two hours in person or online every other week from January to March (6 total)

  • Share the learning with their team back at their organization and to bring live challenges to the course

  • Two hours practicing coaching with their learning partner in between sessions

  • Implement/experiment with tools and concepts in between sessions


$1,400 per participant for the 12 week cohort, includes all materials.

About Growing Edge:

At Growing Edge, we are committed to creating a safe learning environment. We are committed to providing powerful, relevant tools for leaders which can be practiced immediately. We are committed to learning about the specific challenges within your organization and industry—and to tailoring the learning to apply to your teams’ situation.

Growing Edge has a proven track record and years of experience helping organizations become more effective and more satisfying to work in. Our inside-out approach works concurrently on the individual leader, team and organization wide level.

Some Organizations and Teams that have taken their teams to the Next Level include...


And many others…

These workshops are filling fast, to secure a place for you and or other leaders on your team, email us at

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